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My youngest son was most enthusiastic about this project.

He provided the software used or should I say paid for it as well as the hosting and domain name I did the editing and creation of the galleries, blog, links etc.


 My Google Blogspot is viewable on this site I use Blogspot for blogging just click on blog at the top.  also I use these two www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/thewhizzer/likes  and


I prefer the first site however as there is much to be seen on the StumbleUpon one it might make you consider joining as it is like a search engine in some respects. In fact you have to join to see all the sites although the user.adme.in blog permits HTML whereas StumbleUpon disabled that feature sadly

I have just looked at my guest book it was overflowing  with spam so deleted all entries I am very sorry for the genuine ones, I may try and put those back on if I get some free time.

First though here is a video of the Beach at Maroochydore just a small clip to give you some idea of the lifestyle here.My Son produced this video for the local surf club.

If you need a website just contact me I will arrange it.




There is also some favourite videos on the navigation bar on about Australia; One on here is some rare black and white footage describing the beginning of the 1914-1918 War (1919 really as the war had not ended for some folk) sadly

I am updating it when I have the time in the photo galleries. there are some of my favourite videos plus family ones as I get around to it.

The Sunshine coast in my view is a top area to live in the world, there is all manner of things to do here from surfing to hiking on the ranges.
HMAS Brisbane was scuttled just off the coast here after de-commissioning as a reef for divers so I will add a video of the dive and a follow up dive.
Keep an eye out for more Australian content.

 I did at one time think of making a site tracing my ancestry but I shall not bother now; the internet and blogging take a lot of my time as it is.

My family here consists of three adult children three adult grandchildren and many great grandchildren
Sadly my wife is now deceased but two of my children  live nearby.

There is much to do on this site it features my maps provided by Google, Image galleries of which there are now four plus some videos

I add to these when I have the time. I haven't always time to be on here lately I guess you could say this site is dedicated to the area where I live.

Below is a PowerPoint show of Ireland with more to come soon.


Auld Ireland




More PowerPoint presentations From Michael Rogers AKA PowerPoint presentations from Thewhizzer these can be found on www.authorstream.com


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